Bypass Plugs - Small

High quality SEWERQUIP bypass plugs allow sewerage to flow through the plug and can be used in all types of pipes, used for sewerage bypass/diversion, or as a test plug when air pressure testing. These plugs are made from a blend of natural and synthetic rubber noted for their excellent stretching and sealing characteristics.

Model Number DescriptionInflation Pressure (BAR)Deflated Plug Diameter (mm)Deflated Plug Length (mm)Eye BoltBypass Diameter
SPY2 2" Pneumatic bypass plug.2.54580N/A1/8" FBSP
SPY3 3" Pneumatic bypass plug.2.57085M61/2" FBSP
SPY3-4 3" - 4" Multi-Size Pneumatic bypass plug.2.570100M61/2" FBSP
SPY4 4" Pneumatic bypass plug.2.585145M61/2" FBSP
SPY4-6 4" - 6" Multi-Size Pneumatic bypass plug.2.585165M61/2" FBSP
SPY6 6" Pneumatic bypass plug.2.5142190M61" FBSP
SPY6-8 6" - 8" Multi-Size Pneumatic bypass plug.2.5142220M61" FBSP
SPY8 8" Pneumatic bypass plug.2.5174240M62" FBSP
SPY10 10" Pneumatic bypass plug.2.5218300M62" FBSP
SPY12 12" Pneumatic bypass plug.2.5274350M62" FBSP