Jett Direct Turbo Bomb Nozzle Ceramic Jets


The JD Turbo Bomb nozzle is a powerful pipe-cleaning nozzles with two different water jet angles. This nozzle is two in one, removing grease and scale from the pipe wall as well as flushing the pipe. Often used prior to CCTV inspections. Made in Germany.
Product Name Front JetsSizeRear JetsMin Flow Price


Turbo Bomb Nozzle (ceramic) 1/2" - 12R1F 1 x M61/2"12x M640Lpm

plus GST

Turbo Bomb Nozzle (ceramic) 1" - 10R 01"10 x M1090Lpm

plus GST

Turbo Bomb Nozzle (ceramic) 1" large - 10R 01"14 x M10180Lpm

plus GST

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22 stardiv>
33 star
44 star
55 star